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STP Auto Freeze Auto Air-Con Recharge

  • Provides Cold air up to 50% faster
  • Advanced additives package
  • Seals common A/C leaks
  • Top-up up to 3 vechicles
  • Lubricates the compressor
  • Eliminates moisture and acid

Product Code: ID02000EN

Unit Barcode: 5020144600602

Units Per Case: 6


STP Auto Air-Con Cleaner

  • Eliminates odours and bacteria
  • Cleans, disinfects and refreshes the A/C system
  • Fast and easy 10 minute process

Product Code: ST23150EN

Unit Barcode: 5020144500186

Units Per Case: 6


STR Super Seal Air-Con Stop Leak

  • Repairs metal - evaporator, condenser, compressor, accumulator, receiver/dryer
  • Seals rubber leaks - O-rings, gasket hoses
  • Does not contain R134a - F-Gas regulations compliant

Product Code: ID02002EN

Unit Barcode: 048168026920

Units Per Case:  6


QC-2HD Professional A/C Charging Gun with Gauge

  • Accurately charges and measures A/C refrigerant
  • Workshop quality for durability
  • Extra-long heavy duty steel braided hose
  • Reusable and can be used as an A/C check gauge without attaching to container

Product Code: ID02020EN

Unit Barcode: 048168028788

Units Per Case: 4


GEZ-1HD Heavy Duty Guage

  • Accurately checks and measures A/C refrigerant level
  • Heavy duty die cast metal for workshop
  • Colour coded gauge for easy use

Product Code: ID02006EN

Unit Barcode: 048168024322

Units Per Case: 4


Test Thermometer

  • Checks vent temperature to evaluate A/C performance
  • Magnified dial face for easy readability
  • Measures 0º - 220º F

Product Code: ID02023EN

Unit Barcode: 048168028030

Units Per Case: 12


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Valeo ClimPur 

  • Doesn’t mask the smell but destroys it 
  • Kills bacteria and germs on all surfaces
  • Purifies the air inside the vehicle
  • Is safe for both the driver & the inside of the vehicle 

Product Code: 698984

Units Per Case: 1



Valeo Clim Filter

  • The cabin air filter Valeo ClimFilter™ Comfort, Protect and Supreme prevents external pollutants from entering the cabin via the ventilation system and inlets.

  • ClimFilter™ Comfort, a particle filter which protects occupants from dust, pollution and particles. It’s the first technology developed for cabin filtration. This filter is in white.



Valeo ClimFill Pro

  • Long lasting charging performances
  • Fully automatic machine
  • Eco-patented couplers (Revents loss of refrigerant and air entering the station)

Product Code: 710202

Units Per Case: 1



Valeo ClimFill Pro HFO

  • Long lasting charging performances
  • Fully automatic machine
  • Eco-patented couplers (Revents loss of refrigerant and air entering the station)
  • Only used for the new refrigerant HFO 1234yf

Product Code: 710295

Units Per Case: 1



Valeo ClimFill Maxi

  • Long lasting charging performances
  • Fully automatic machine
  • Offers super charged mode, guarantees top quality intervention.
  • Also features the eco-pantented couplers and a LCD touch screen.

Product Code: 710203

Units Per Case: 1



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