Windscreen Faults

Our Solution to your warning

A control within the car can be operated to squirt washer fluid onto the windshield, typically using an electrical pump via jets mounted either beneath the windshield or beneath the wiper blade(s). The windshield wipers are automatically turned on, cleaning dirt and debris off the windshield. Some vehicles use the same method to clean the rear window or the headlights.When warning light is shown the fluid needs to be replaced.


Wiper Blades

Most driving decisions are based on a clear unobstructed view of the road, which means good clear visibility is absolutely essential; especially during wet weather when vision may be obscured through the windscreen. But good visibility requires wipers that are in good condition. Wipers need to be changes yearly. Here in  J&S we've got a great choice of quality wiper blades for any car.



Valeo’s Silencio range is Ireland's premium blade and comprises of 150+ part numbers and incorporates all of the technology available at OE including spoilers, curved blades, BBI rear blades, blades equipped with a spray bar and Flat Blades.

Each Silencio wiper is produced on the same production line as Original Equipment products and are manufactured to Original Equipment quality standards.

A pre-mounted adaptor for fast and simple fitting.

  • An exclusive coating that protects the rubber and provides efficient and quieter wiping for 
  • longer.
  • A wear indicator – a vital diagnostic tool improving motoring comfort by allowing the driver to assess the wear of their wipers.

Before fitting, remove the tab.
The indicator gradually changes from black to yellow. When it’s bright yellow replace the blade.


Compact Evolution

Compact Evolution is a value for money FlatBlade that is visually different from the OE Flat Blade: thinner blade & no end caps but with all the performance of an OE Flat Blade.

  • Flat Blade next generation OE derivated
  • 17 references X1 for flexibility, with lengths from 350mm to 700mm
  • one base and one module (5 main Flat Blade connectors) available to cover four main arm types
  • Uni-Click
  • 85% car park coverage



Stands Available for Compact & Silencio Range










Window Regulatorswindow regulato Thumbnail0

Housed within the car doors, the window regulator is responsible for the up and down action of the windows in cars fitted with electric windows. Controlled via a switch usually located on the car door interior, window regulators can sometimes develop faults, resulting in the windows getting stuck halfway down or not working at all. It is possible to replace a malfunctioning regulator by selecting the correct part from our wide range of high quality window regulators for any car.


Wiper MotorPower Windo Thumbnail0

The wiper motor is the component that causes the windscreen wipers to move back and forth. Wiper motors are electrically powered and use a worm gear reduction system to operate a linkage that moves the wiper arms. As the windscreen wipers are a vital aspect of car safety, it is essential that repairs or replacement are carried out as soon as the windscreen wiper motor shows signs of degrading. J&S has a great choice of quality wiper motors for every make and model of car and they are usually designed to power the blades for around 1.5 million wipes in their lifetime.


Washer Pump

A pump which forces the Windshield washer fluid to the windshield washer nozzles so that the fluid is sprayed on the windshield.

washerPump Thumbnail0


Windshield wash/wipe system

A system operated by the same lever on the control stalk that operates the wipers, which directs a jet of water onto the windshield and activates the wipers for a short period


Wiper Arm

Wiper arms (Also known as stalks) are a vital piece of equipment for any car. They allow the driver to navigate through hazardous conditions, maximizing visibility in rain, sleet and snow. Whether your car uses a universal side pin type, a bayonet type or a dead lock type of wiper arm, there are quality wiper arms for every make and model of car. As with any car part, wiper arms suffer wear and tear, but they are essential to the safety of the driver and the passengers, so must be replaced as quickly as possible.




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