Boots and Gaskets

Steering Boot
A steering boot or steering rack boot is a rubber casing used to protect a CV (constant velocity joint) from wear and tear. Over time steering boots themselves crack and tear as the corrosive effects of salt, ice, rain and snow takes its toll. The cost and hassle of replacing a pair of
steering boots is a fraction of replacing a joint so it's wise to make sure that they are in decent condition. Failure to pay close attention to their condition may eventually result in the whole axle needing to be replaced.

Steering Gasket
If you're finding driving a chore, the wheel heavy and difficult to handle, then the chances are your power steering is suffering a fluid leak. It could be hose couplings, it might be the power steering pump, but the likely cause will probably be old and worn steering gasket.
If you've tried sealing the steering gasket and still have problems then you need to replace it.


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