How to Protect Your Car and Yourself from Coronavirus?


COVID-19 continues to disrupt daily life across the country, leaving many people wondering about effective ways to protect themselves and sanitise the surfaces around them. Although there's plenty of information on general hygiene, there's less specific information on what you should do about keeping your vehicle safe and sanitised.

Here are some quick tips to help protect yourself and your vehicle from Coronavirus.


Washing Your Hands

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, it is imperative to wear a mask in public and to wash your hands before and after eating, using the restroom, providing care for people who need assistance, and sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose.

Washing your hands and avoiding close contact with people continues to be the most important methods to prevent the illness. But clean hands won't help you if the surfaces you touch are dirty. The vehicles we travel in may help spread the coronavirus if the proper precautions are not taken. Washing your hands before and after you operate or ride in a vehicle can also help. This limits the risk of transmitting the virus from the vehicle to the outside world and vice versa. It's also exremetly important to wipedown freqeuently touched surfaces when getting in and out of a vehicle.



Face Coverings

It is imperative to wear a mask when in a public area or when using public transport, as it reduces the spread of coronavirus in the community. It helps to reduce the spread of respiratory droplets from people infected with coronavirus. This helps to stop people who are not aware they have the virus from spreading. It is important to note that you frequently wash your face covering after using it. Wash in a hot wash over 60 degrees with detergent. You do not need to sterilise face coverings. Wash it in a washing machine or by hand as you would any other item of clothing. Wash hands before and after use.




Cabin air filters are an essential part of your vehicle and play a big role in keeping out harmful irritants. The role of a cabin air filter is to prevent dust, pollen and other pollutants from entering your car through the air conditioning and air vents. It is recommended that you change the cabin air filter every 20,000km or at least once a year every time a vehicle goes in for its service. A cabin air filter that isn’t well maintained can make your driving experience unpleasant, and sometimes, unhealthy for both you and your passengers.



Air Conditioning

Vehicle air conditioning and heating system is one of the most important part of the vehicle. It provides the driver and the passengers a comfortable environment when driving. It is designed to heat up the inside of a car during the cold season and to provide cool air conditioning during the warm weathers. Bacteria and molud bulid up in your Air Con System can also lead to allergies and health risks. Air Con Cleaners are perfect tools to help elimate bad odours and bacteria, keeping your vehicle safe and protected.


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