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CarPlan All Seasons Screenwash Sachet Bucket of 72 - Part No. SCL072

CarPlan Screenwash Sachet Bucket removes dirt, grease, traffic film and insect deposits easily from your car windscreen leaving a streak free finish for increased visibility. This product is ready mixed with water for convenience, no need to dilute. There are 72 sachets within CarPlan Screenwash Sachet Bucket, allowing quick and easy top ups without the bulky bottles to store in your car. Simply leave the bucket at home and grab a handful of sachets for the ride.

  • Removes dirt, grime & Insect deposits
  • Helps prevent freezing
  • High power concentrate
  • Easy to use Sachet format
  • 72 sachets of CarPlan All Seasons Screenwash

In summer and normal winter conditions use one sachet to each 1/2 litre of water. For more severe winter conditions add additional sachets. Simply pour the sachets into the wind screen washer bottle.












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