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Almera 2000> Uk Assembly

Inner Tie Rod SR4100
Almera 2002> Diesel 2.2DT Timing Chain LOWER TC8
Almera 2002> Diesel 2.2DT Timing Chain UPPER TC9
Almera 1.5 2000> Timing Chain TC1
Fuel Pump MD76416
Figaro  Front Shocks Oil : 632011 LH 632078 RH Gas: 332025 LH 332060 RH
Rear Shocks Oil: 44103 Gas: 341056
Micra K11  Inner tie rod SR4100
Timing chain TC2 & TC3 (long & short chains)
Micra 2003> K12  Timing chain TC4
Navara D40 Rear Spring Bush Kit RSB24
Patrol Shackle Bush REAR RSB4
Spring Bush FRONT FSB1 

Patrol 3.0TD 2000>

Timing Chain Kit


Primastar 1.9 TD Fuel Pump MD76847
Primera P11 Timing Chain TC1 - where  one chain is on the vehicle
Primera P12 2.2 D  Timing Chain Lower  TC8
Timing Chain Upper TC9

Primera P12

Inner Tie Rod 18mm SR8100
Serena 1.6 petrol Prop Shaft 765mm SERENA1.6

Serena 2.3TD

Prop Shaft 673mm


Serena Import 2.5 DT Wishbone RH 54500-4N000 
Wishbone LH


FT LH Link SL-N090L-M
FT RH Link SL-N090R-M
Rear LH Link SL-N095L-M
Rear RH Link SL-N095R-M
Inner Tie Rod SR-N090
 Urvan Spring Bush FRONT FSB1
Vanette Cargo Prop Shaft 832mm  VAN.CARGOSHAFT


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