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Beta Automotive Tools pride themselves on producing the best quality hand held tools for their customers. They stock a number of different products including containers and assortments, wrenches, sockets and accessories, pliers and nippers, pullers, torque wrenches and multipliers, screwdrivers, male-end wrenches and bits and robur wire rope accessories.


Tools Products

Part No: C39/6 - 3900


  • Six drawers (588x367 mm) with ball 
    bearing slides:
    4 drawers, 70 mm high
    1 drawer, 140 mm high
    1 drawer, 280 mm high
  • Drawer bases protected by foamed rubber 
  • Four castors 125 mm in Ø:
    2 fixed and 2 steering (one with brake)
  • Front centralized safety lock


Part No: 42


  • Combination wrenches
  • The 42 series of Combination Wrenches from Beta Tools have one open end (15° angle) and one offset 12-point box end
  • The tough textured finish looks great and hides scratches
  • Both ends fit fasteners with a 13mm hex


Part No: 900/C11HR


  • Assortment of 11 hexagon sockets
  • 20 bits and 7 accessories in hard foam tray
  • In metal case
  • New rotating ratchet is ideal for jobs in small areas 
  • Ratchet with rotating handle
  • 350x150x50mm


Part No: 560/C6


  • Torque multiplers for right-hand and left-hand tightening in plastic case ratio: 6:5:1
  • 400x260x110 mm
  • Complete with straight reaction lever and reaction foot



Part No: 96BPA/SC9


  • Set of 9 ball head offset hexagon key wrenches
  • 110°
  • Extra-short side model



Part No: 1036


  • External circlip pliers
  • Straight pattern PVC-coated handles
  • Set of 9 ball head offset hexagon key wrenches



Part No: 1428


  • Pullers for damaged nuts with square drive 1428
  • Weight (lbs): 0.127
  • Weight (grams): 57.5
  • Size: 13mm
  • Dimensions: White=3/8mm, L=36mm


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