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The new Products Catalogue features the latest updates from the AST range.
The catalogue covers new Vehicle Specific Engine Timing Kits/Tools, Specialist Sockets & Wrenches, Workshop Tools and Engine Test Equipment.


Engine Timing Tools

Product No: AST-RC7

The AST-RCT is designed to store a complete set of the 5100” timing tool series.

AST-RC7 features:

  • Double wall construction
  • Ball bearing Slides
  • Powder coated finish to resist scratch and solvent markings


Specialist Sockets & Wrenches

Product No: XZN Spline IMPACT Socket Set

A specialised set comprises 12 x spline IMPACT Sockets covering a wide range of XZN spline fastener sizes – M6 to M18


Socket sizes M18 to M10 are each supplied in two lengths – 75mm and 45mm all with 1/2" square drives. Sizes M8 and M6 are 52mm long with 3/8" drives. All sockets are IMPACT quality. Supplied in fitted storage/carry case.


Workshop Tools

Product No: AST6060A

A set of specialised Hose Clip Pliers, presented in a compartmented storage foam insert.

AST6060A Set comprises:

  • Remote Action, Flexible, Hose Clip Tool (AST6061) - with “long reach” 600mm cable for difficult to reach areas.
  • “Large Flat Band” Clip Pliers with ratchet (AST6062) - Angled at to improve access.
  • 2 Hose Release Hooks (AST6064) - to free hoses from corroded fittings.


Engine Test Equipment

Product No: AST4689

AST4689 Dummy Glow Plug Adaptor Update Set contains four dummy glow plug adaptors, with M8, M9 and M10 threads - these are AST4686-48, "-61", "-62" and "-70".

AST4689 adaptor set is compatible with all AST Diesel Compression test equipment.


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